Iris Telehealth is Family

As my anniversary of joining Iris Telehealth approaches, I have had a chance to reflect on my experience.  In doing so, the word that comes to the top of my mind is family.  Iris Telehealth and all of the employees involved within the company have represented to me what family means.  Wikipedia describes the word “family” as being metaphorically used to create more inclusive categories such as communitynationhoodglobal village and humanism.

Dr. Shaheen and his team have managed to create an organization that rises to the top while providing quality psychiatric services throughout the United States whether the concerns are personal or professional. Caring and kindness seems to be the motto here whether you are part of the support team or clinical staff.

I have learned that I can share my weaknesses without a fear of receiving critical or non-constructive comments that can chip away at self-confidence and create a defeatist attitude and, at the same time, the kudos received are genuine, meaningful and heartfelt.  While we are all working very hard for Iris Telehealth, work-life balance is promoted and is encouraged for everyone. There is not an employee’s special day that goes by without being noticed and acknowledged by the team!

Experience has shown me that respect for each other in the workplace has, for whatever reason, taken a back seat to the almighty dollar and the often self-centered plan for success.  Iris Telehealth has maintained a strong and ethical approach to being #1 in the field of telepsychiatry. While we carefully screen and hire only the “cream of the crop,” work ethic and quality will always come first in our telepsychiatry practice. Every member of the Iris Telehealth team, whether in our corporate office, or in the field, is responsive and strives to add something positive to each and every interaction they have on a daily basis.

The goal of Iris Telehealth to provide the most compassionate, progressive and ethical services while never losing sight of each human being we touch will be met head on.  Open communication, without fear of repercussion or criticism, is a “must” and is very much appreciated by everyone.  On a personal note, this experience has taught me that it is possible to laugh, hurt, and grow within our “Family.” I firmly believe that I am not alone in this idea, but it is a common thread that is shared throughout the company with the clinicians as well as the corporate staff.

Marcia Nelson is the Director of Talent Acquisition for Iris Telehealth.