Marketing Behind the Scenes: Operation POSTR

The goal of Operation POSTR was to create the most amazing piece of marketing material that would be useful when people asked us, “Can you send us a little bit of information about Iris?” There were a few qualities that we knew we wanted to capture. First, it had to have soul. Second, it had to be aesthetically pleasing and emotionally charged. Third, it had to convey enough basic information that people could understand what we do as a company.

The first tasks we had to complete was to find an artist that we felt could take our vague and abstract ideas and present them in a physical way on paper. We turned to Javi, an artist who typically illustrated children’s books, to take on the daunting task of physically manifesting our ideas into a piece of marketing material. (Shoutout to Javi!)

The stage was now set – we had our artist and we had our ideas. We knew that we wanted the front side to be beautiful and emotionally impactful, while still telling a story - the “right side” of the brain. The back was to be the more “data-driven” side of the handout, or the “left side” of the brain. We wanted the front and back to be interconnected thematically and narratively and for people to really feel the Iris difference when they held it in their hands.

We had a Skype meeting with Javi and conveyed all of this information to him. And within 24 hours, we had this first draft waiting in our inbox.

Creating the Front of Operation POSTR

A good starting point, but we weren’t quite yet in love with any of these images.


He was not quite yet capturing what was in our heads. We decided to shift more to telling a story of “rising up” and reaching a place of feeling calm and content.

operation postr

A-Ha! We finally had something we could work with. We loved the climbing the rope ladder and then standing on top of a cliff. Javi was then able to flesh out these sketches in more detail to the results you see below.

telepsychiatry marketing

The idea here was to show, in a minimal number of seamless frames, the journey from depression to wellness. We depicted this through the protagonist coming to life, both in form as well as in color. You can see the almost ghostly apparition of the original figure, stark in details, transforming in to the lively, colorful and hopeful woman in the fore of the frame.

draft of postr

postr draft

operation postr draft

More details started to bring the idea to life. We wanted to show how Iris was involved in the process of wellness, but certainly that the bulk of the “work” was being done by the individual.

point of sale telepsych

You can see here how our hero is coming to life and working to achieve wellness. With each step, there are saplings of hope planted, her eyes (in Iris green, mind you), turned ever upwards and becoming increasingly optimistic and positive.

Creating the Back of Operation POSTR

Now we’ll go over the back of the artwork, but in a much more abbreviated way.

We knew that we wanted the image of our hero standing triumphant on top of the cliff, with a place of suffering below her, both physically and metaphorically. So we started with some sketches.

telepsychiatry point of sale

We weren’t happy with any of these. It’s tough to make something look good with this much text, but we continued to try.

telepsych marketing poster

Here’s another go of it. It still wasn’t quite where we wanted it to be. We told Javi to try going in some different directions.

postr for telepsych
telepsych postr

We then entered what we have affectionately dubbed, “the blob phase.” This was not a good look for us. But Javi didn’t give up and he kept trying.

telemedicine marketing

Next, Javi started playing with fabrics. And while we didn’t love this particular design, we liked the boldness of the color and the depth.

telehealth marketing

We knew we were on to something here. It was lacking in detail, but we liked the story it told. The writing was hard to read on the kite’s body, so we wanted to find other kite designs that would work better.

Iris Telehealth marketing

The box kite! We were able to fill in some details here and start working towards a more finished product.


And there you have it.



Voila! Take a moment to bask in the beauty of the art that Javi was able to create with our guidance. Revel in its glorious expression of human resilience and triumph! Be amazed by its meaning and expression. Be dazzled by its extravagance of … ok… ok… they’re making me stop now.

I know you’ve been asking yourself through this whole article, “What in the world does POSTR stand for?” Well, we here at Iris aim to please. Operation POSTR stands for “Point Of Sale To Rule them all.” We had to chop off the last two letters because Operation POSTRTA just doesn’t roll off the tongue very well.

And one more thing: Patience. It’s a virtue.

Tarik Shaheen is CEO of Iris Telehealth. He is a child psychiatrist who founded Iris with the goal of bringing quality mental healthcare to rural and underserved areas nationwide.

If you’re interested in working with a ridiculously and insanely talented artist, we highly recommend Javi. He was incredibly professional and fun to work with. Check out his webpage for more info.