Is Telepsychiatry Right For You As a Provider?

When it comes to telepsychiatry, I’ve seen it all. I know telepsychiatry is a mutually beneficial innovation: it allows psychiatric providers to work from the comfort of their own home and health systems to find the best psychiatric providers for their patients

You might be wondering who I name is Marcella Nichols, and I’ve been the Recruiting Coordinator for Iris Telehealth for almost a year now. I have an M.S. in Clinical Psychology and this, combined with my professional certification in human resources, gives me a unique advantage, as I interact with the psychiatrists and psychiatric advanced practice nurse practitioners who apply to work with us.

Because I interact with psychiatric providers on a daily basis, I thought I could provide some insight into what our telepsychiatry positions entail and answer some frequently asked questions. I wanted to share why I’m passionate about telepsychiatry, and why Iris Telehealth has earned a reputation as one of the best companies to work with/be apart of.

On a personal note, I volunteered to write a blog post because I enjoy writing and as a Yelp Elite, I thoroughly enjoy sharing all the details of an awesome business. Some may consider this a 5 star review...and they’re not wrong!

Why Telepsychiatry Is The Perfect Opportunity For You

Telepsychiatry provides a different type of work environment for psychiatric providers. Picture this: you start your day in your own home office, in a space that feels and looks professional. A space that is well-lit, and free of distractions. You sign in to your telepsychiatry interface, and you’re off to work. No time wasted commuting to a clinic or hospital in your car, the subway, or the bus. Technology allows you to start your day by simply walking into your home office, which is one of the biggest perks. Commuting = time...time away from your family and time away from your patients. If you’re someone who hates to commute, telepsychiatry may be for you!

At Iris Telehealth, the majority of our partners are outpatient clinics in a community mental health setting. Telepsychiatry gives these clinics access to providers they might not otherwise be able to hire since it’s difficult enough to recruit psychiatric prescribers due to provider shortages, let alone when located in a rural area! It allows for some of the most underserved and disenfranchised communities to receive amazing psychiatric care and services. Something we don’t talk about enough is how incredibly rewarding it is for you, the provider, to have the ability to serve these patients - the patients you are so passionate about helping.  Hence, telepsychiatry is a phenomenal solution. For us, there is nothing more rewarding than building lasting relationships with our partners and our providers. We strive to provide you with the security and stability of a long term placement by matching you with the best partner for your availability, skills and experience, and clinical preferences.

How To Do Telepsych (Even If You’re Not A Techie)

Don’t worry if you’re not a technology expert, telepsychiatry is actually simple to use. If you can use a computer, and have a solid Internet connection, you can do telepsychiatry! We also provide 24/7 technical support, so you have experts at hand if there’s ever an issue. As a Recruiting Coordinator, I’ve experienced my own IT hiccups along the way. My problems were solved almost instantly by our amazing IT specialists. For example, when my RingCentral line was not allowing me to make outgoing calls, our tech team was able to sort out the update quickly, so I didn’t miss an opportunity to make a reference call (and as a result, proceed with a candidate like you)!

The Benefits Of Working Remotely

Telepsychiatry offers flexibility in terms of hours and commuting, providing an escape from the confines and limitations of a traditional work environment. We handle the licensing and credentialing process in any state in the U.S., so you can work from anywhere (as long as your current residence is located in the USA or Puerto Rico).

As a result, time zones can work to your advantage. Perhaps you are someone who enjoys having your mornings free to run errands, working out at the gym, or spending time with your family. You have the flexibility to start your day later, or even earlier at 6:00 or 7:00 AM, in your current time zone.  Wish you could end your day at 3:00 PM so you can pick up your kids from school? Telepsychiatry makes that dream a reality and gives you the freedom to choose your own schedule.

Being Part Of The Team

You might be working remotely, but you’re still part of the team. Our clinics recognize our telepsychiatry providers as an important piece of the puzzle and an integral part of their care team. They will recognize, and include you, as a provider as much as possible.

At Iris, we want you to feel like you have a work family. We have a Medical Director who you collaborate with remotely. He is your go-to resource, and you will meet with him at least once a quarter. Some of our clinics have more than one Iris provider, so you can make connections with fellow Iris team members as well as the clinic’s onsite staff. Communication is important, and this is compounded when you are working virtually. Since you are not physically there in the room with the patient, it’s important to be able to rely and convey what is needed to those who are involved on site. We help both you and the onsite staff to foster strong relationships built on a foundation of open and honest communication. As an Iris provider, you’re never alone, even though you might be far away - you have the support of dedicated Iris staff as well as the clinic’s team.  

I Want To Work For Iris! Where Can I Apply?

We are always looking to expand our medical group with talented, passionate providers! Here’s a crazy statistic – we have hundreds of providers apply to work with us every week, and we only extend formal offers to six percent of applicants. If you consider yourself a self-starter, who is great at communicating and passionate about your work, we want to hear from you!  We are searching for providers who are friendly, enjoy learning, and are flexible and adaptable.

You can find us on here. You can also apply directly on our website here. Also, you may email your resume/CV directly to in either a Word Doc or PDF format (our system does not support opening resumes sent through Apple pages/note software).  On your resume, please ensure that it lists your most current email address.

If you apply through, your personal email address does not appear unless it is listed so it’s helpful to include your cell phone number. We appreciate your interest in working with us, and want to make sure that we are able to reach out to you!

About Iris Telehealth

Iris Telehealth is a telepsychiatry provider organization made up of the highest quality psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners. Our mission is to provide underserved communities with access to the best mental health specialists and prescribers. We are owned and operated by doctors who understand what patients need and have earned a reputation for providing outstanding customer service. Iris values building strong professional relationships with our partners and their staff. We are dedicated to understanding your organization’s needs and operational goals because we recognize that your success is critical to our own.

Iris Telehealth has helped countless hospitals and community health organizations across the country add telepsychiatry to their list of services. We believe everyone should have access to compassionate mental health care, and we have made it our mission to find innovative, affordable ways of making this possible!

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